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June 30, 2018by CBD Source NY0
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Chronic Back Pain Inspires CBD Start-up Business

Construction Sales Rep Launches CBD Distribution Business in NY

Mark Frieder and his wife Jeanne, both Reiki practitioners, were traveling to Sedona, Arizona in September 2017.  They attended a hemp festival with several CBD vendors in attendance.  Having heard about CBD made from legal, industrial hemp they were curious to learn more about this plant-based, healing compound. It is known to alleviate many ailments. Mark and Jeanne spoke with several vendors, got information, and purchased samples.

Mark suffered with a lower lumbar  herniated disk for more than a decade and wondered if CBD would help alleviate the pain. They purchased a bottle or two of the tincture to test it out and when the couple returned from their trip, they began taking the tincture daily.  Mark realized his back didn’t bother him as much and he was able to get out of bed in the morning without doubling over! Jeanne noticed her IBS symptoms and hot flashes had subsided after ingesting the CBD tincture as well!


The results were so dramatic, the couple wanted to spread the word of CBD in New York, where it was virtually unknown. After much discussion and agreement, Mark began distributing legal, hemp-based CBD products. CBD Source NY was born.

Since launching, they have assembled a team of friends and ambassadors to spread the word about the benefits of CBD via word of mouth. Mark and Jeanne attended shows and festivals, received referrals, and called on local businesses. Mark has set up several NY retailers to stock CBD products and also sells the products to individual customers. The feedback from these customers, and the results they’ve experienced, were exceptional!  

Mark, whose customers affectionately refer to him as “the oil guy”, really enjoys taking the time with people to discuss what they’re trying to heal.  He stays in touch with them to make sure they are getting good results. Mark is no doctor, but he is passionate about this amazing healing aid that is plant-based, ecologically sound, and perfectly safe and legal. He continues to research CBD manufacturers to develop a catalog of products that are organic, free of contaminants and that use a carbon dioxide based method of extraction. CBD Source NY has all of its offerings independently tested by a third-party independent testing lab.  This verifies manufacturers’ product-efficacy claims.  

To learn more about how CBD can help you please contact Mark Frieder 914-393-3518 or CBDsourceNY@gmail.com

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Contact Mark for more info 914-393-3518

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